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Rules are for Losers, eh?

The political class found it easy enough to create rules and best-behaviours, but some of them found it hard to follow those rules.

Trump and Bolsonaro are in leagues of their own. But the lesser political animals showed what they thought of us.

The greatest of these was Dominic Cummings in the UK, Boris Johnson's spad, who really set the benchmark.

In Canada, Rod Phillips has been the worst of them, but there are plenty to chose from. Tracy Allard, now resigned, is a favourite of mine.

            During a media conference Friday, she said the trip was part of a long-standing tradition for her family.

            "We have been going to Hawaii for most of the past 17 years since our youngest child was born," she said.

Rod sticks it in himself

But Emperor Jason Kenney strikes back.

I guess Blake was right: 'one law for the lion & the ox is oppression'. I just want someday to be the lion, not the ox.

virus model

actual photo of the virus