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Provincial COVID-19 Cases Format 2

Ontario changed its public report format, so did I. This data is gleaned by scraping the page for what is found, which still seems to be changing, and shoving in to the database in a more generic format. Crude, but works. Their data, I mean. Time of data is not easily figured so I go with midnight, as I think this is data from the date before.

Provinces that are Crap at data reporting and testing and tracing

Snapshot of most recent and 14 days ago Ontario data is scraped from Ontario's daily report

Ontario data with some filtering

April 29: Of course, they changed the format again, and the location to the newer daily report

May 26: Of course, they changed the format again and have littered the html with more footnotes and superscripts to process. And broken a few rule-of-thumbs on how to write html good. What a bunch of dorks.

If you dig around, Ontario does have data tool here and there

Ontario cases graph.

Ontario death graph.

Ontario Long Term Care current cases data. How to take the fun out of being a senior. I blame Mike Harris for the decay of LTC in Ontario, and every government since for failing to repair the system.

Ontario Long Term Care deaths data.

I found a dataset published by the Ontario Long Term Care Ministry which, for a hacking data wonk, is somewhat easier to use than scraping data from the daily report, but harder to find for the compute-challenged. You get it for free here.
The Ontario LTC Misery also reports LTCH decimation by Public Health Units.

Ontario commissioned a report on the LTC disaster, in lieu of a full public inquiry, and forced it to report by April 30, 2021, despite the commission having to work during a pandemic and asking for more time. The report, though rushed by the government, is a nice indictment of Dithering Doug and Ditzy Dave. The report points at a lack of planning for a major public health issue, and a reluctance to act decisiveley as contributing factors to the LTC disaster that Ontario created. It did not happen to Ontario, or befall Ontario. It was not an accident. The disaster was created. For more detail, the Ontario Auditor General report is a good read.

There was yet an older version of Ontario cases. They stopped updating this data on March 27th,and posted this note: Information for all cases today is pending. and went to version two. I deleted my data tables and a script to present that earliest data. As time went on, Ontario published open datasets that contain data back to February 2020. The eager user is encouraged to take advantage of the deep dive data. I really only want to monitor the most easily-accessible public-facing data, because that is what most folks can use to decide the fate of this government that had been forewarned by SARS.

In the earliest days of the pandemic, a Toronto Star columnist complained in print their health reporter was unable to access timely info on COVID-19 situation in Ontario. The govt was only showing the latest day's data on the website so the reporter was having to look at previous days' data using the Wayback Machine here. Things have improved greatly. Data flows nicely, updates occur in timely fashion, dashboards have been implemented. It is the best of times.

I found some data on health services providers known by the Ministry of Health. I will link this data to mapping sometime.

If you really want a deep dive for Ontario, try ICES COVID-19 Dashboard. You can drill down to the postal code level for vaxx data.

Provinces that really try to do data reporting with cumulative info and to test and trace

Quebec data was scraped from Quebec's daily report daily report, but Quebec changed its format (again) sometime in May, and I did not bother to fix the scraper again (and again ...). Probably should just download data from public data sources, but not everyone can do that. My intent was to watch the easily accessible web pages. You can look at Quebec data at my link to open covid data

A news outlet tries to explain Montreal's experience.

Another news outlet quantifies Montreal's experience.

Quebec reports for its correctional facilites as well. Read the full report.

B.C. data was scraped from British Columbia daily report html, but I stopped updating that data on april 15, as BC finally started reporting data in a better format, similiar to the the JHU dashboard.

B.C. dashboard link is on this daily report page

Alberta has a good set of data, showing daily reports, starting hereand continuing here so it might be the case they really do know the situation and can go ahead with some lockdown relaxation.

As time went on, the provinces and territories assembled better data views. These are ones linked to by the Canada website:

Ontario Daily Report Summary 14 Day delta

UpdatedReport Item LabelValueNumeric Change
2022-01-1519 and under1689400
2022-01-0119 and under146087-22853
2022-01-1580 and over362380
2022-01-0180 and over29044-7194
2022-01-15Change from previous report (new cases)104500
2022-01-01Change from previous report (new cases)167146264
2022-01-15Change from previous report (resolved)153170
2022-01-01Change from previous report (resolved)5901-9416
2022-01-15Confirmed active cases of positive residents23630
2022-01-15Confirmed active cases of positive staff38880
2022-01-15Currently under investigation468340
2022-01-15Deaths reported for health care workers in long-term care homes100
2022-01-01Deaths reported for health care workers in long-term care homes100
2022-01-15Deaths reported for residents in long-term care homes41100
2022-01-01Deaths reported for residents in long-term care homes4035-75
2022-01-15LTC homes in outbreak with no resident cases700
2022-01-15LTC homes with an outbreak3360
2022-01-15LTC homes with resolved outbreaks2150
2022-01-15New deaths reported400
2022-01-01New deaths reported16-24
2022-01-15Number of cases9480860
2022-01-01Number of cases791520-156566
2022-01-15Number of patients currently hospitalized35950
2022-01-15Number of patients currently in ICU due to COVID no longer testing positive for COVID160
2022-01-15Number of patients currently in ICU on a ventilator3270
2022-01-15Number of patients currently in ICU testing positive for COVID5630
2022-01-15Patients in ICU due to COVID on a ventilator no longer testing positive for COVID130
2022-01-15Resident deaths in LTC homes38970
2022-01-15Staff deaths associated with LTC homes130
2022-01-15Subset of all cases that are reported as a health care worker associated with long-term care outbreaks85980
2022-01-01Subset of all cases that are reported as a health care worker associated with long-term care outbreaks7591-1007
2022-01-15Subset of all cases that are reported to be long-term care residents187930
2022-01-01Subset of all cases that are reported to be long-term care residents16091-2702
2022-01-15Total number of deaths106050
2022-01-01Total number of deaths10223-382
2022-01-15Total patients in ICU due to COVID-related critical illness5790
2022-01-15Total patients in ICU on a ventilator due to COVID-related critical illness3400
2022-01-15Total tests completed221429660
2022-01-15Total tests completed in the previous day526760

Tests per capita: 1.5074

Tests per thousand: 1507.4000

virus model

actual photo of the virus


worst variant of the virus

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