COVID-19 Fun Pages!


For all of history, doofi have taken the opportunities presented by crises to spread lies and misinformation. COVID-19 is just another gift for these cads.

On a walk in my neighbourhood (fairly affluent, downtown, should be a mostly literate and aware demographic), I found a tract on the windshield of cars. At a glance, every point of the front and back was a lie, an old lie, or a damn lie or (sometimes worse) had that tiny bit of truth but presented in a way to cast doubt into the mind of the reader. I scanned the front and back and present them here, with misgivings. I was going to obscure the links, but, for veracity sake, I left them. Trust me, you do not want to go there; but, if you do, I suggest you use a VirtualBox computer. I puzzled over the references to HSE, but this tract may be disinformed by COVID deniers in the UK as well as by their US cousins.

virus model

front page, does CTV enjoy their implicit endorsement?

virus model

back page, with a real doctor (he is white, with a stethoscope and has a lab jacket), so it must be true, except doctors are also telling us the exact opposite of this stuff, oh no, who should I believe...

Morsel of truth: For most people COVID is not deadly. Yes, but globally, for about 2% of those infected, it is deadly. As in, they are dead: victims of deadly deadish deadness.

Morsel of truth: Most people diagnosed have NO or very mild symptons. Yes, no dispute there, but the rest are deadfastly dead or suffering long-COVID.

virus model

actual photo of the virus