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Global Covid Cases

Text for a selected block appears below the table, graphics appear in a new page. Graphics are cluttered due to using only 10 colours, intent was to see if belonging to a bloc led to a uniform repsonse. The graphs show the answer. Not.

There are four blocs for Africa, due to the number of countries. These are Africa North of the Equator, South of the Equator, West of 15 degrees East, and East of 15. For these blocs, the data plotting start date for deaths per cases rate has been offset, as some countries often showed very high case-fatality rate in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latitudes and longitudes for the countries in these blocs are from the Johns Hopkins University data, and for each country are the coordinates of the centroid; thus South of the Equator means the centroid for the country is located South of 0, not that the entire country is South of 0. West of 15 degrees East roughly contains the entire northern bulge of Africa, most of the countries West of Prague or Chad.

In the early days, the number of deaths can be equal to the number of cases for some countries so death rate looks like 100%. This is simply a function of data gathering and testing getting up to speed. Eventually the rate of death per confirmed case is trending towards 2 to 4%. The huge weight of the USA (25 percent of the total) on the numbers affects the global case-fatality weight.

ConfirmedDeathsDeaths per Cases Percent
G7 graph G7 graph graph
G20 graph G20 graph graph
EU graph EU graph graph
EEA graph EEA graph graph
OECD graph OECD graph graph
OPEC graph OPEC graph graph
ASEAN graph ASEAN graph graph
MERCUSOR graph MERCUSOR graph graph
NATO graph NATO graph graph
Africa graph Africa graph graph
North America graph North America graph graph
South America graph South America graph graph
East Asia graph East Asia graph graph
South Asia ARC graph South Asia ARC graph graph
Middle East graph Middle East graph graph
The Stans graph The Stans graph graph
Nordic graph Nordic graph graph
Baltic graph Baltic graph graph
Western Europe graph Western Europe graph graph
Eastern Europe graph Eastern Europe graph graph
Top Ten graph Top Ten graph graph
Top Twenty graph Top Twenty graph graph
Africa North graph Africa North graph graph
Africa South graph Africa South graph graph
Africa 15 West graph Africa 15 West graph graph
Africa 15 East graph Africa 15 East graph graph
Pacific Islands graph Pacific Islands graph graph

Data taken as a csv download from Johns Hopkins University github. Data contains confirmed cases, deaths and population for each country. I added the multinational groupings such as OPEC or G7 membership. Data sort is based on the Per10K ( per capita * 10,000 population) statistics, desdending.

I chose 10K, as anybody who has been to a sports arena knows what 10,000 people looks like. It is half a Bell Centre crowd. It is an easily visualized number of people - a small town, a crowd at a game.

Confirmed Cases: Data for G7 (Group of Seven)

DateCountry/RegionTotal CasesPer10K
2022-01-15 United Kingdom15,246,1792245.8501
2022-01-15 France14,005,3852145.6460
2022-01-15 United States of America65,445,3971986.4065
2022-01-15 Italy8,549,4501414.0244
2022-01-15 Germany7,988,210953.4297
2022-01-15 Canada2,750,742726.6388
2022-01-15 Japan1,856,002146.7468

28 days earlier

DateCountry/RegionTotal CasesPer10K
2021-12-18 United Kingdom11,343,5941670.9768
2021-12-18 United States of America50,773,6201541.0870
2021-12-18 France8,681,6671330.0444
2021-12-18 Italy5,364,852887.3122
2021-12-18 Germany6,813,287813.1972
2021-12-18 Canada1,882,455497.2712
2021-12-18 Japan1,728,880136.6958

Bloc Member Population

Country / Region Population
Canada 37,855,702
France 65,273,512
Germany 83,783,945
Italy 60,461,828
Japan 126,476,458
United Kingdom 67,886,004
United States of America 329,466,283

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